Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Off to Camp

The boys left yesterday for Camp.

The drive to the drop off was so funny.  Deb and I were int he van just listening to her two and my two just chatter non-stop.  It was pretty evident that they were excited.

Logan had really bad separation anxiety the past two weeks at the cabin with Mum & Dad.  So we sat down with him and asked him how he was going to handle it.  What he said was so poignant that it made me pause.

He said, "Last week I was with my family and I didn't hide how I was feeling.  You're supposed to show your feelings around family".


He then went on to say that it will be different at camp.  At the cabin, he only had his brother for a distraction.  But he's going to camp with a group of kids including his best friend. He told me that Seth was nervous about being away from home too, so Logan said that they will help eachother.

That kid is just something else. I honestly was no where near as wise when I was his age.

Zach was good to go. He'd been to Camp before, so he knew what to expect.  Plus, he was hopefully going to be in a cabin with all the same kids as last year as we all took steps to request them as cabin mates. Hopefully that all works out.  They were on the same bus going down to camp, so that's a start.

Today we are hopefully going to be checking on the house.  We haven't been inside in over a week.  There has been some juggling of showhomes and so our realtor has been moving around a bit.  We need to get the key from her and since we have not been able to get in touch with her, we couldn't get the key.

We get possession in 9 days. 9 DAYS.   So far we are still missing (or we were last week, might be done now).
1. Flooring (hardwoods - main floor, carpet upstairs, vinyl in bathrooms.
2. Plumbing fixtures - sink, taps, toilets etc.  Bathtub and showers are in though.
3. Lighting fixtures - electrical is done, but the fixtures (pendant lights, chandeliers etc) need to go in.
4. Closet organizerss
5. Doors on bedrooms/closets etc.

Then the whole place needs a BIG cleaning to get rid of all of the construction dust.  The builder arranges that thank goodness.  The list seems long, but flooring is a one day (maybe two) job.  But the Plumbing/Electrical guys can both be in the house at the same time as the flooring guys, so I'm sure it will all be done in time.

More packing tonight. Brad is going to take the boys Loft beds apart. I am going to finish packing the downstairs bathroom and clean it, so it will be DONE.

One room down, 11 to go.


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