Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Margarita Monday

Date night on a Monday?  SURE!

With the ankle biters at the cabin, Brad and I have our evening to ourselves at the moment.  We decided that we would check out Twick and then go for dinner at Earls.

Cabinets are in which is great. The look awesome.  The only problem is that the guys STILL haven't taken down the stipple.  The other problem is that the crews works in groups. Cabinet guys, painters, trim work etc.  So it's not the cabinet guys job to come in and say "hmm. we shouldn't install the cabinets until the stipple is down". Nope, they just go to it.  So, unfortunately, they are going to have to take down the upper cabinets and cover the rest of them before they de-stipple.

It is nice to see some big progress though.  Now that the island is in, I can actually visualize the space.

Afterwords we went out for dinner, something we never do.  It was nice. To not have to cook and just hang out and talk.  Very cool.

After that we headed to Home Depot so that Brad could get a Charcoal Chimney.  It's essentially an accelerator for a charcoal BBQ, so we don't have to wait eons to cook hot dogs when we tail gate.  He tested it last night and it works great. Yahoo.

Heard from Mum.  Boys had a great time swimming, Mum not as much.  Both ZJ and Logan made buddies in their swim class.  However, Mum didn't realize that the pool is outdoor with no seating.  So she had to stand for three hours because sitting on the grass/ground bothers her arthritis.  Plus the only snacks she brought were chocolate covered wagon wheels which melted in the heat.  Whoops.  Good news though is that they have another chance to get it right because the boys are swimming twice a day all week.

Tonight we got the movers coming over to make quote on the move.  I am hoping it comes in under $1,000 for the whole house. That would make me happy, but I'm not sure how realistic that is.

We shall see.


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