Monday, July 7, 2014

Fireworks, Lightning and a Flood

Weekend was really good.

Got to the cabin Friday night. The boys came racing up the road in their go-carts to meet us.  If there is anything as amazing as a child running up and enveloping you in the most sincere, genuine, all encompassing hug, I have yet to find it.

We had been in an air conditioned truck the whole drive.  As I opened the truck door when we arrived, I felt like I was being wrapped in a damp quilt fresh from the dryer.  It was just sticky, clingy humid.

Hung out with Mum & Dad for a little while to get the scoop on the week so far.  Then they headed for home.  Court and Dale came by for drinks and we made plans for Saturday.

Around noon-ish we went over to their place.  Court, Zach and I headed into  Shilo for some Fireworks.  Last year, we set off fireworks for Canada Day.  Instantly a tradition was born.  Unfortunately we couldn't make it out to the cabin on Canada day, so we had fireworks this weekend.

Got back from Shilo and did a tour of Dale's land.  Manitoba flooding is real. WOW.    If you can believe it, the flooding and its effect on farmers is worse than the 2011 flood.  The reason being is that in 2011, it was Spring and the farmers knew it was going to flood, so they didn't seed the fields.  This year, the Spring was ok, so farmers seeded and sprayed their fields.  Now with the fields flooded the crops are ruined, but yet they have still shelled out all of the expenses.  Just brutal.

It was so hot all day, you just knew that we were going to get a thunderstorm in the evening. I learned a new tip though (from my friend Dale).  When the leaves of oak trees curl and expose the underside of the leaf, it's going to rain.  Who knew?

The lightning storm was out of this world.  He we are up on a very high hill, in METAL trucks getting ready to set off fireworks.  it just seemed like Louis the lightning bug was going to show up at any time and start signing, "You gotta play it safe around electricity!"

We started setting them off, it was crazy.  We'd light one and then everything would light up as if someone just turned on the lights.  It was sheet lightning that just lit up the entire sky as if it was the middle the day.

Funny thing, just as i was contemplating how crazy we were doing this, I saw fireworks in the distance.  WHAT?

Yup. Apparently Wawanesa was celebrating it's 125 Anniversary and the town was setting off fireworks as well.  At least it was a minor comfort that we weren't the only ones setting off fireworks in a lightning storm. In a related story, the bugs up on the hill were something else though.  Court and I were standing there moving our arms back and forth in perpetual motion in the hopes that the bugs wouldn't be able to latch on if we were moving.  I kept moving my head back and forth so that my ponytail would swat any on my shoulders (now I know why horses do it).

After the fireworks, We went back to the cabin.  Just as we set off, the skies ripped open.  It POURED.  In the city, when it rains like that, yes, visibility is impacted, but there are street lights to guide your way.  At our place, there are no streets, so ergo, no lights.  We couldn't see anything. It was raining so hard that it would hit the ground and splash back up creating this extra misty layer you had to try and see through. If that wasn't enough, then the hail started.  When we got back to the cabin, I got out the keys and we just bolted (lightning humor!) to the door.

In my epic sprint from the truck to the cabin door, I did manage to take a tree branch to the face, knocking my hat/glasses off.  I didn't realize that my glasses had been thrown off  in the bush until I was in the cabin for awhile cursing because I couldn't find them. Brad went out with a flashlight and found them for me.  Aw.. such chivalry.

Sunday was a lazy day.  Hung out until the cavalry arrived.  Logan has been having a hard time with being away from us, so to distract him from a big elaborate goodbye, my Dad came up with a water fight plan.

They were each given a water gun, with a water bottle full of water with which to reload.  The mapped out the ground, which areas were off limits and which areas were up for grabs. It was pretty funny how much they got into it.

Brad and I came back into the city to a very quiet house.  Watched from Orange is the New Black and fell into bed around midnight.

This week the boys are taking swimming lessons at Wawanesa. They swim twice a day for 5 days. Hopefully that will tire them out a little!


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