Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Camp Preston is Open for Business

Weekend was good.  Saturday was an 80s party of epic proportions.    So much fun.  Brad went preppy, some of the other guys went full KISS.  So fun.

Sunday we just hung out and did some packing.  Nothing big.

Monday was shopping extravaganza at Costco.  Had to stock up on stuff to send the boys to the cabin. Since I still don't have my licence, my Mum drove us around.  Monday night Zach had his friend Ethan over.  Ethan asked if his little brother could come - of course yes.

Then Logan had invited his friend Rhys over for dinner too.  So I had 5 boys at the table for supper.  How do people with big families do it??

Tuesday Logan's buddy Seth came over.  Zach went over to Cole's house. Perfect!  Each had a playdate, but there was no fighting!  Awesome.

The boys left the house this morning.

I am both sad and happy all at once.  I know that they are going to have a good time and it'll be nice to get some peace and quiet, but I am going to miss them!  I will see them this weekend, but still.


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