Monday, July 14, 2014

Bugs, Bites and a Bath in Calamine

Weekend was relaxing.

Didn't do much of anything.  Just hung out with the boys, avoided the thunderstorm, snuggled down under fluffy comforters and watched movies.


The only thing that was bad was the bugs.  With all the rain, the mosquitoes are crazy, vicious little suckers.  I am completely covered in bites and I didn't even spend that much time outside.

Saturday night, I went to bed under a huge duvet.  I left one foot out of the covers (for temperature regulation purposes) and  the mosquitoes took my toes and *ahem* shapely ankles to be sacrificial lambs.

I have bites on top of bites, bites between my toes it's crazy.  I had to go and buy calamine lotion at lunch. I was scratching so much I was bleeding.  Not good.

Somehow I inexplicably got bites on my inner thighs, which is just bizarre, because I wasn't exactly walking around this weekend in hot pants.  None the less, the bites are there.  But there is no tactful way to scratch your inner thighs without drawing extremely disturbed looks from coworkers.  Thus the reason I needed the calamine.

This is the boys last week at the cabin. Mum and  Dad plan on bringing them home Friday night.  I then have two days to get them ready for camp - They leave next Monday for another week.  sigh.


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