Monday, June 2, 2014

Swirling Vortex of Chaos

After my conference on Friday, I came home to clean.  As I was getting dropped off, I saw that my neighbours house just went up for Sale.  They have the exact same house as us, same floor plan, same everything.

Immediately, I go into crisis mode.  What are they listing at?  When is their open house?  When are they accepting offers?

Turns out they are listing at the exact price we were planning on, which is good really (well as good as it can be) because it would have sucked a whole lot more if they had listed at 20 K less or something.  As I was talking to their Realtor, I determined that the houses are remarkably similar.  We did the same kind of renos (new siding, soffits, fascia, windows, furnace, AC, hot water tank), although our renos are in 2013/2014 and theirs are in 2009.

They do have nicer kitchen cabinets than us, but we have an oversize dbl garage to their single.  We also have a deck and a hot tub to their cement patio. So at the very least you can say we are competitive with them.  Also, having 2 houses on the same street will bring more traffic to the area, which is a good thing.

Here is where it gets tricky.  They are not having an open house, we are, on Sunday, June 9.  However, they were going to accept offers on Monday (just like we had planned).  We definitely don't want to be accepting offers at the same time because when people submit offers, they don't know if others have submitted offers. So you can't make an offer on two houses at the same time.  When their Realtor found out our plan, he bumped the day for accepting offers until Tuesday, he was able to do that because they hadn't listed anything on MLS yet at that point.

But neither had we, so our Realtor (Terry) changed our offer date to Wednesday, June 11.

There might be an advantage to taking offers second.  For instance.  Say a person sees both houses and likes them both.  If they put an offer in on our neighbours house and the offer isn't accepted, then they can still make an offer for our house because we are second. So we have potential to get a few more offers.

Terry said when people who need to buy a house lose out on an offer, they tend to get frustrated and a little more desperate, especially if it has happened more than once ( happened to us so I know the feeling  - we lost out on 3 or 4 houses before we bought this one).  So there is also the potentially for people to bid up to make sure they DON'T lose out on the next one.

I sincerely hope so.

Anyways, back to my regular chaos.  We were all set for the pictures Saturday.  We had a little painting/fascia to do on the back of the house, but we figured they weren't going to take pictures of that and showings weren't until Tuesday so we had some time.  But Terry said he had some clients he wanted to bring over at 4 pm before we officially list.


As soon as Terry and the photographer left we went freaking gangbusters to finish it all.  Brad was up on the ladder just sliding in the last piece, when they showed up at the front door.  You can't make this shit up.  So I was corralling the boys into the car as Brad was rushing to put the ladder in the garage just as they came out to view the deck/hot tub.


I don't think that they will buy it. They wanted Windsor Park and we are in River Park South, but still, it was good motivation to get the renos done.

So without further ado, the FINAL and FINISHED to do list.
Fix tile
Redo Grout

Living Room

Fix closet handle 
Joiner strip bathroom floor

Main bedroom
Bathtub access panel

Range hood
Counter top
Fix dings/mud/sand
New Faucet

Main bathroom
Caulk tub
Fix wall dings
Fix tile
Redo Grout

Back entrance
Fix dings/mud/
Access panel for bathroom

Fluorescent light covers

Storage room
Clean out

Joiner strip

Basement bathroom
Upgrade tap
Redo floor

Clean up yard
Restain fence
Scrub Deck
Lay Sod
Replace trim around garage window

So while I want to celebrate the fact that we are done, it's now major maintenance mode until Wednesday, June 11 when we accept offers.

Release the crazy.


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