Monday, June 9, 2014

Open House Done. Birthday Party Done. Me... Done.

It's over.  Well, sorta over.  Still having showings Monday/Tuesday.

Friday night our Friends invited us over for dinner.  Everyone realizes that you don't really want to cook when you are selling your house because of mess/cooking smells.  So it's been amazing having everyone invite us over.  So grateful.  We hung out with Dave/Beth and the kids.   As an added bonus it was fun for the kids which is something that has been lacking for them this week!

Saturday was good, we had 3 more showings.  We got out and about then headed over to my parents place for Lunch/Supper.   They had a 1970s party to go to, so we were just going to hang out at their place because we couldn't go home.

It was funny in that when my Mum made her 1970s costume, she took beads and made a headband. Wore a funky pendant and a macrame belt that she made back in the day.

Dad?  Well Dad went to his closet.  Oh the fashion gems contain therein.     He opted for a orange/white rayon beauty.  Completing the outfit was a red hankerchief ascot and slicked back hair.



Got up and cleaned the house AGAIN.  Let me be quite clear in something. My house has never been this clean, nor will it ever be this clean again.  This clean of a house is frankly a little creepy.     Plus, no one could possibly maintain this level of clean for any great length of time going forward.  It's crazy.

Logan's birthday was at 1:30, so we were out of the house at 1pm.  I had picked up the cake on Saturday and was storing it at my friends place because we had showings and couldn't get into the house.

Floor hockey parties are the way to go. Honestly.  They arrive, they play hockey.  Refreshment breaks every 20 minutes or so.  At 2:30, Cam arrived (Logan's buddy who we are raising money for) and we had some cake and then back to hockey.

Logan's teacher from last year came and played with the kids so that was awesome. At 3:30 we were done.

The open house was from 3- 4:30.  When I called our Realtor at 3:45pm to see how things were going, 40 people had already been through the house and there was currently 12 in the house.  We drove by and didn't see that many cars out front.  We waited in the school bus loop for a few minutes and did end up seeing 4 people walk out and continue to walk up the street.  So there is a chance that people parked a little ways away.  But still, some smoke might have been blown there.

We went to Debbie/David's place to hang out for a bit until the Open house was over.  While we were there we got a call saying that someone who attended our open house would like to return at 8pm and bring her husband.  While you don't want to say no, it's just a colossal bitch.  Especially on a school night, but we complied and ended up saying at Debbie's for the entire time.  Even gave the kids showers at her place so that when the showing was over, we could just go home and put the kids straight to bed.

Brad and I were just done when we got home.  What a long freaking weekend.

No resting tonight either, because today is Logan's 9th birthday!!

That is the one nice thing about not accepting offers today, we get to take Logan to the Bomber game.We even are having his name placed on the Jumbotron at the game.   Going to have to make sure we don't time a bathroom break to coincide with the announcement on the Screen.  That would suck.

You'd think it would be free to have them announce birthdays.  It's not.  $50.will get your name on the screen.  Initially I was kind of appalled but then Debbie told me that it is $100 for Jet's games.  So all of a sudden $50 doesn't seem quite so bad.

So that's tonight. Tomorrow is the last day of showings and then Wednesday is offers.

Fingers crossed we get at least 1 good one.  I think the key here is as follows:


Unknown said...

In house showings, you have to put your best foot forward. That's why cleaning them up, even to a very obsessive level, helps a lot when securing an offer to your house. I'm sure you already know that a dirty house is sure to turn off prospective buyers, so the deep cleaning that you did could really help your house outshine the rest. I hope your cleaning prowess gave you some really good offers! Good luck!

Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply

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