Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Now how much of a delay are we taking?

Our proposed (last updated) possession date was July 31.

They have to give us 45 days notice of our confirmed possession date. Which means that IF we were going to get in the house by July 31, we would have gotten a notice on June 15.  We did not.

So now it's just a guessing game to determine how much of a delay we are taking.

When we sold our house, we told them they could have a possession date of August 22.  That means in order to not be homeless, we have to hear from our builder by July 9.

I am crossing my fingers that we hear at least by June 30.  That would get is in August 15, which is a nice solid week to move.  But our contingency plan is that if the dates don't line up, we'll rent a Pod thing for a month, put our stuff in storage and go to the cabin for 2 weeks of holidays.  That would at least get us to September 5 and I really hope to be in the house before school starts.

Fingers crossed.  But I flat out refuse to stress about this.  Done enough of that and everything always has a way of working out, so screw it.  It's going to be fine.


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