Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Facebook Schmacebook

I have been mum on Facebook about our move thus far.  Not a freaking peep, which to those that know me is somewhat of a miracle.

Admittedly, my life is an open book. I'm generally quite candid about what's going on.  With one exception.  The House.

At the start of the process of building, I told some people (because I was excited and couldn't hold the news in my mouth). I was surprised that instead of well wishing, people shared horror stories instead.  Now, if you are anxious person prone to stress like me, that is less than an ideal situation.

So I decided to not talk about it.  I would still chat with friends and people who are going through the same process of building, but other than that, I zipped the lip on Facebook.

Cue selling the house.  Our Realtor said that you can get a fair bit of buzz about the house by posting it on Facebook.  So against my judgement I did.  A few friends shared the post because they knew that  getting the word out was the goal.  A few were really surprised to find out we were moving and asked where we were moving too.

I was proud of the fact that I kept the specifics that we were building on the down low.  I said "just moving a few blocks away" and I think in one case I mentioned the street, but I didn't mention building. Give myself a little golf clap on that one.

House is still immaculate.  Showings start tomorrow.   Now it's time for my weird countdown days things I do.  It drives Brad insane, but he's not here, so let's go.

Rule #1 - Don't care the day you are on. This one had led to some heated debates between Brad and I.  But for me, once I have arrived at a day, I don't think you should count it, you just count the days that are coming.

Rule #2 - Don't count the day of the event.  The reason for this is that if you are counting down days until Christmas Day, you don't wake up Christmas day and say "1 day left!!"

That being said, Today is Tuesday June 3.  So based on the above rules, we count; June ,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.  We accept offers June 11, so I am not going to count that day.   7 Days until Offer Day.


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