Friday, June 13, 2014

Hamster Ballin'

Yesterday evening was the school BBQ.  The kids always have fun, but for the adults, yeah, not so much.

If I had been thinking clearly I would have taken a page out of Debbie's book and and filled a mug full of wine, but sadly, I forgot.

Don't get me wrong or anything, the school puts on a good shindig for the kids, the have the inflatables, those Orbs that kids can roll around in.  Personally I think they look like giant Hamster balls.

The thing is it was the first night where we had nothing to do with respect to the house.  We didn't have to do any renos.  We didn't have to clean. We didn't have to stay out because of some showings.

and all I really wanted to do was sit on my deck and have a delicious beverage.  Instead however, I got dragged to this school BBQ thing.

Also came home to this last night 

I'm thrilled that we sold and thrilled that we sold over list.  Not sure how I feel about that the fact that we sold over list being posted on the sign, but hey - I get that my realtor needs to advertise too.  Plus, he did an amazing job for us so I am not going to complain one iota.

So when I saw it I had a split second of 

but it was shortly followed by feelings of ambivalence

Tonight Logan's having his buddy Seth come over for a sleepover.  I am taking Zach to the movies. But we a have nothing going on this weekend.  It's just glorious.  I might start packing up a bit, but that's purely a optional venture and if doesn't NEED to get done this weekend.


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