Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Recap

Friday night Brad went and visited his parents and brother in Morden, so we didn't get a lot of renos done.

I stayed back and got all the stuff I wanted to put out for the free weekend on the curb.  Let me just say that those bargain hunters are aggressive!  I had a lady waiting on the curb as I was bringing stuff out.  She actually said "Is that all you have?  or should I wait for the rest of it?". Holy Crap woman...

Later on in the weekend I was raking and had my wheel barrow on the blvd so I could put in the grass clippings.  I walked up closer to the house for a second and a car pulled up and 2 people got out.    I had to run over and explain that it wasn't free!  Gees!!

Saturday am though it was game on.  We cleaned out the storage room, loaded up the boxes we had currently packed and started on our journey.

1. We hit my mum and dad's place.  We dropped off all the boxes as we are storing them there until we have the open house.  We just want to de-clutter a bit.
2. Then we went to Jason and Jill's.  Jason has got this amazing ladder that contorts into all these positions, which sounds um... odd.  But it really is great for painting in awkward places that a regular ladder can't go.
3. Then Home Depot.  Returned some stuff and bought incidentals, dimmer switch... etc.
4. Dollar Store - they sell really cheap paint brushes here that work pretty well, so we stopped in to stock up a bit.
5. LC - because well... hello!

Got home and started on renos.  Brad went up on the roof working on the fascia/eaves/soffits.  I got to work and painted the trim/kickplate around the front door.

We put the boys to work raking the yard.  Once I was done painting, I joined in.  I truly hate dusty, gritty, sandy blvds in the spring.  You pass a rake over it and there is such a dust cloud that come us it looks like the ground is on fire.

Capped the day off with a soak in the hot tub.  Nice.

Sunday am started with Brad making me my special breakfast (reserved for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions), an unholy abomination called an open face Apple Pancake.  OMG - you owe it to yourself to try this at least once.  It's so good.

Then we hit the dump.  LOL.
Yes, after cleaning out the storage room, we had tons of left over paint, wood scraps.... you name it.  So it was great to get rid of it all.  It truly amazes me that people work there.  It wasn't even a hot day and the smell was just beyond.

After that we stopped in and visited GG.   Boys gave her the card they made her along with some big hugs. Aunt Irene came just as we were leaving so it was good timing.

Another trip to Home Depot followed to get some more paint.  We decided to paint the kitchen next weekend when the boys are at the cabin.  It's somewhat easier to leave the kitchen in disarray when you don't have two boys asking for something to eat every 5 seconds.

Once we got home, Zach helped me declutter/clean out the gym and Logan and Brad worked on making new flower bed enclosures for the front and back.  They did a great job!

So during the week Brad and his buddies are going go try and get as much of the roof stuff (fascia/soffits/eaves) done as they can.  Come the weekend, I will be painting the kitchen and Brad will be landscaping the backyard.

All I can say is that all this work better be worth it.    That's the one nice thing about building a new house, when you move in everything is already done to your liking and there isn't any renos to do.

Outside of...
a) Build a deck
b) Do a backsplash - The builder quoted us about $1,000 to do a backsplash and since I've already put on in, I can do one more and I can do it for much cheaper.
c) Paint the boys rooms - We did do an upgrade and have the builder paint the house interior a custom color, but they charge for every color change, which to me is kind of dumb because if you are painting the room anyway, what difference does the color make. So we choose a warm grey for the entire house.   Boys aren't too stoked about having a grey bedroom, so we will paint their room after the fact.

Hmmm, that doesn't exactly sound like no renos does it.



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