Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weeds and Roses

Our lawn is a disaster. Not really sure how it got this bad.  It's all weeds.  No grass.  That might sound like a tad exaggerated, but let me assure you, it's not.

We used to say that it was because we live across from the school field.  That logic would have held if our neighbors were having the same issue, but that is not the case. So our lawn sucks. What are you gonna do?

It was time for an intervention, so Brad went and bought a big bottle of Napalm weed killer.  I'm somewhat concerned that it works because if it does, we will have no lawn left whatsoever.

Guess we'll just have to see how it goes.

There was a little drama at the house last night.  After I put the boys to bed, I was looking out the front window and there was 6 cops and a few cruiser cars in the bus loop at the school. Looked odd because they were just standing there.  Then a car drove up and they ushered it into the loop.

A young kid, 17 tops and his girlfriend got out. 4 cops escorted the guy to an area,  while 2 took the girl off to the side.  Then they started rifling through the car.    They were there for a pretty long time before the girl was taken off in a cruiser.  A short time later the guy was taken off in a cruiser and their car was left in the loop.  About 10 minutes later, a woman (must have been the kids mother) got dropped off and she drove the car away.   Who needs TV when this is outside your window?

But when the drama outside was over, TV went on because it's Bachelorette night.  I have to admit, I kinda like Andy as a Bachelorette.  Every one of them , Bachelor or Bachelorette has their catch phrases.  With Desiree it was "Right Reasons", with Juan Pablo it was "Es Ok".  So far with Andi, it's somewhat a tie between....

"No" - It's somewhat hard to describe how she says this.  She says it when someone had told her something that is either amazing or bad and she says No as in "No Way"

"What" - She says this in a very similar way that she says No above.

There were some decent dates, the beach/mountain one with Eric was good.  I'm sorry to hear that he passed away, he truly seemed like an amazing man.

The race track one was a little

but Chris seems like pretty decent guy, I can see why she kept him around even if I don't understand how they could ultimately make the city girl-farm boy dynamic work in real life.  Chris ended up getting the first kiss.

The Group date was a strip tease, the classic date where they push the bachelors or bachelorettes out of their comfort zone into some nudie/charity thing.  Some of the guys have some uh... moves (Tasos) that really make you think that they have done this before.

After the dance off it was time for a Douchebag to shine.  Cue Craig.  Dude got fall down drunk, which stood out like a sore thumb because it didn't appear that anyone else was that liquored up.

On a side note here, for an Assistant District Attorney, Andi doesn't seem to handle drama all that well. I will give the girl major props for being the first bachelorette that swears (as far as I can remember).

I am going to give her the benefit of the editing, because I know that they jack it up for ratings, but you would think she would be used to drama.  Anyways, at the cocktail party, Craig tried to sing to her as a way of apologizing.  I know that some girls LOVE being sung to. I am not one of them. Ever.  I just never know what expression to have on my face.  I feel as if I smile I look a little to into it, if I don't smile I am insulting them, but then you can't have no expression at all because that looks disinterested.  It's far too stressful. No singing.

********* SPOILER ALERT - Don't read farther if you don't know who was sent home******

Which is why I understand why she Craig packing.  But Why in the name of all that is holy is Bradley still around?  That weird Opera singer. I'm sure he's very nice and all that... but no.  Just no.

Then, in an inexplicable choice she sent the firefighter Carl home. What the what?  Can we talk about how hot he was at the Rose Ceremony?  Jaw Drop.

The other guy she sent home wasn't really memorable.  Nick S was the golfer I think.  He was nice enough, I think I would have kept him around over Tasos.  The way that guy dances makes me want to down a course of antibiotics before touching him. Ew.

My favs are (keep in mind these are MY favorites, not who I think will win)
 - Dylan the Accountant
 - Brian the teacher
 - Chris the farm boy ** I'm a sucker for Country boys.
 - Eric the traveller

Who do I think will win?

Andi seems to have a soft spot for Marcus, so he's in my top 3.  She also seems to like Nick V.   She does seem to have an attraction to Josh M, the former pro whatever player (read unemployed).  Brian and her have a connection too.  So as it stands now my top picks are in no real order:
1. Marcus
2. Brian
3. Josh M
4. Nick V

There are so many similarities in the personalities each season. Comparing to Desiree & Jillian's season:
1. Nick V reminds me of Ben - He seems nice, but then turns into a smarmy guy that everyone hates by the end and the Bachelorette doesn't see it.

2. Cody reminds me of Mikey T - just the token Meathead

3. Josh M  reminds me of David from Jillian's Season

My Brad actually watched the show with me last night, watching the part where Andi was on a date with Eric and had reiterated about 100x that she thought he was hot.  Brad just looked at me and said, "Does she think he's hot?  I'm not sure".  Bwahahaha.  Too funny.  Admittedly there is a fair bit of repetition in the commentary for this show.

But hey... Monday night entertainment.  Gotta love it.


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