Friday, May 23, 2014


Last night involved a fair amount of scrubbbing.

I bought this Resolve carpet cleaner stuff.  It's a damp-esque powder that you sprinkle on your carpet, and then scrub until you can't see it anymore.  Wait 20 minutes and then vacuum.

All in all I was pretty impressed. I used it on our stairs by the backdoor, which have taken a beating with all the renos we have been doing lately.    After that I went outside and scrubbed the living hell out of the top of the Hot Tub cover.  Looks good now.

I also finally managed to get the access panel painted and installed Woot!

While I was going  around scrubbing everything, Brad and Bruce were up on the roof working the fascia.  They got a huge big chunk done.  The really awkward to get to part, which is great because that it hard for one person to do alone.

Tonight, I am tackling the carpet downstairs.  Spot checking to get ready for the steam cleaning on Saturday.  Debbie is coming over to help me.  Gawd she's amazing.  How does ANYONE ever get through anything without their friends?  So grateful.

Now I just have to come up with a cleaning plan of attack.  They are coming to take pictures of the house on May 31, so just over a week!

Counters/Back splash

Living Room
Replace dimmer knob on dining room light

Back entrance/Stairway to downstairs
Paint trim on access panel to water shut off valves

Main Bathroom/Ensuite
Grout Back splash

Soffits/fascia/eaves on side/back
Stain fence
Flower bed enclosure
Trim around garage window/attic access
Yard of soil/Sod


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