Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ok ... that's enough.

Flowers are nicely watered. Back yard that was seeded has been watered.

That's enough now.

I am not a big fan of rain because it comes with gloomy, dismal overtones.  One or two days of rain at the cabin is nice because I can curl up with a book, quilt and a huge cup of coffee and make a day of it.

But in the city, when I have to catch the bus and  my hair frizzes to chia pet proportions, it's somewhat less than ideal.

Plus Brad has to get up on the roof this week to finish the soffits/siding and he can't do that in the rain. It's supposed to be nice starting tomorrow and then start raining again on Sunday.

Is is bad that I just want it to be June 9?  We will be done with renos, the showings and open house will be over and we will hopefully have reviewed some decent offers and accepted one.

Come on JUNE 9!!  Plus, it's Logan's birthday so we will have a whole slew of reasons to go out for dinner and celebrate.  20 days to go.


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