Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May Long was Loooong

Well I got the painting done.  That unbelievable bitch of a vaulted ceiling has now been painted.
I just have to paint the access panel for the water shut off valves but that is it.  Out to do list has dwindled considerably to mostly outdoor tasks.

Counters/Back splash

Living Room
Replace dimmer knob on dining room light

Back entrance/Stairway to downstairs
Paint trim on access panel to water shut off valves

Main Bathroom/Ensuite
Grout Back splash

Finish soffits/fascia/eaves on side/back
Stain fence
Flower bed enclosure
Trim around garage window
Yard of soil/Sod

I just have to deep clean the house now.  My friend Debbie is going to come over on Saturday to give me a hand.

I am trying hard to get excited about things, but I am in a bit of a downer mood.  I had another faint/seizure episode Sunday night.  It was the same as the one in March.  Weird half awake half sleeping thing, then woke up to shaky jitters/nausea that lasts a few hours.  It sucks.  

Sucks because I feel so gross after it happens and sucks because we are no closer to finding out what the hell is causing it.

le sigh.

On a positive note though, the boys had a really good time at the cabin.  The weather wasn't that great, which dampened (literally) their fun, but I think it was a good test of how the summer is going to go.  

Mum did notice that by the end of the 5 days, the boys were missing us, so we are going to make sure that there isn't long stretches where we don't see the boys.  Brad and I will come up to the cabin on weekends, or the boys will come in...

Short week.... and then back at to Operation MOVING....
No rest for the wicked.


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