Thursday, May 22, 2014

Inching toward completion..

The sun finally broke out by the afternoon. So while I was at a Board Meeting, Brad was able to get up on the roof and finish the soffits. Sweet!

Counters/Back splash

Living Room
Replace dimmer knob on dining room light

Back entrance/Stairway to downstairs
Paint trim on access panel to water shut off valves

Main Bathroom/Ensuite
Grout Back splash

Soffits/fascia/eaves on side/back
Stain fence
Flower bed enclosure
Trim around garage window/attic access
Yard of soil/Sod

Tonight I am going to paint the trim on the access panel and get that bad boy up.  I think B's friend Bruce is coming over to give him a hand on the eaves.  Getting there folks.... Getting there.


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