Monday, May 26, 2014

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Yet another weekend of getting the house ready.

Our friends made it much better though.  Debbie rules.  Bruce Rules.  Owen and Whit rule.

Debbie, my uber busy and amazing best friend came over to help me Saturday morning.  Keep in mind that this woman is an extremely successful executive, currently working on a major deal at work and still finds the time to help her friend shampoo carpets.  How awesome is that?

Anyone can be your friend when things are easy and good.   True friends are the ones that stand beside you when things are so crazy you feel like you're losing your mind and they swoop in to keep your head above water.

So yes, Debbie picked me up Saturday am and we went and got a rug doctor.  She started on the basement.  The prep work had been done Friday night, vacuumed, furniture moved etc, so it was just a matter of filling it up and getting 'er done.

While Deb did that, I washed/cleaned out cabinets and detailed  all the appliances. We washed window screens, baseboards.  It was awesome.  Got so much done.  We even sent the boys to Debbie's house so they had some fun with friends, so that's cool. Let's face it, when you're 10, watching your Mum clean the house on the weekend is pretty brutal.

Sunday Owen (aka electrician and Cousin extraordinaire) and Whit came over.   We have this light in the basement that never worked.  We just figured that it was never hooked up to the power.  Also, we had taken one light fixture out of the wall and moved it to the gym awhile back.  There was a big hole in the wall leftover from that decision that we just covered up with a crazy 3d football mask (kept in with the football themed basement).

However, we can't exactly leave it like that for the open house.When it wouldn't exactly be fair for when the new people move in, "Surprise! here's a giant drywall hole!". We knew we had to put a new fixture in that hole and maybe figure out how to connect the other light up.

Well, as it turns out, the light that never worked, had the wires behind it, they were just never connected, so that was easy enough.  Then Brad and Owen connected the new fixture we bought to put in the hole and got that working.  Because we bought the exact same light as before, it fit perfectly.  We don't even need to touch up the paint. Score.

We also got everything put back together, so the inside of the house is... dare I even say it.... Done?   

This was the BIG clean, so now it's just maintenance until Friday the 30th.  I will do another clean before they come to take the pictures on the 31st and then it's maintenance all week during the showings.  I'll probably do another clean Saturday the 7th to prepare for the Open House and then that's all she wrote.

Counters/Back splash

Living Room
Replace dimmer knob on dining room light

Back entrance/Stairway to downstairs
Paint trim on access panel to water shut off valves

Main Bathroom/Ensuite
Grout Back splash

Soffit/Fascia/Eave on Side of House
Soffit/Fascia/Eave on Back of House
Stain fence
Flower bed enclosure
Trim around Garage Window
Trim around attic access
New Garage Window
Yard of soil/Sod

Eyes on the prize. Exactly two weeks until we can kick back with a beer and say...


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