Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Headless Chicken

Brad was working so hard last night.  He was running around getting so much done.

First up, the trim around the attic access - Check.

Then he borrowed Dave's lawnmower (our died and it seems somewhat pointless to buy one just to move it  since our yard doesn't have much grass to mow anyways - we will get one once we move into the new place).   Gave the yard a buzz cut and then quickly returned the lawn mower.

We ordered the window for the Garage, it's ready to be picked up so we will do that tonight.  Our to do list is dwindling.

Counters/Back splash

Living Room
Replace dimmer knob on dining room light

Back entrance/Stairway to downstairs
Paint trim on access panel to water shut off valves

Main Bathroom/Ensuite
Grout Back splash

Soffit/Fascia/Eave on Side of House
Soffit/Fascia/Eave on Back of House
Stain fence
Flower bed enclosure
Trim around Garage Window
Trim around the attic access
New Garage Window
Yard of soil/Sod

While Brad did the work outside. I was trying to help Zach study for his math test.  Decimal multiplication.  I had emailed his teacher and asked for some review sheets.  He sent me a link to a math website, so I clicked on it and printed it out.  The math questions on the website were like:
x 15.45

I had forgotten how labor intensive that is. 4 separate rows of shit and then having to add it all up. Ugh. Zach's writing leaves a lot to be desired so lining up the columns is a challenge, which means even when he gets the multiplication correct, he sometimes got the wrong answer because he lined up the columns in the addition part wrong.

So he would get frustrated and just shut down and not even want to try anymore.

How do teachers not lose their sh*t every day in the classroom? Honestly, is there a class in the B Ed curriculum entitled, "Your Sh*t and How to Keep it"?  Huge appreciation for what they do everyday.

As Zach and I were working through the math problems, I started thinking, is the 4 digit multiplication really necessary?  It seemed somewhat excessive.  I mean in terms of testing a skill, if you can multiply 24.5 x 35.6 then you can extrapolate that to larger numbers right?  So I went back to the email his teacher sent to read it over again.

Apparently, Zach is only required to do 4.5 x 6.5 type questions.

So we have spent the last few days working on math problems what were way harder than they needed to be.  When I told Zach, he just looked at me slightly unimpressed.

On a side note, Sheldon from Big Bang theory totally reminds me of Zach.  Zach's social awkwardness is so much like Sheldon.  Whenever we watch the show, Brad and I just smile because it's just Zach to a freaking tee.

The good thing I suppose is that switching from the harder questions to the easier one was a simple transition. So Zach is quite confident about his Math test today.  Could have been much worse if it had been the reverse!


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