Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend recap

It was busy, but oh so good!!

Friday night was Barbara's retirement.  She's been at the daycare for over 20 years, so it was nice to have a little send off for her.

Saturday am was running club.  While I was by no means the fastest (meaning that I was by far the slowest), I made it and finished the outdoor run! 

Saturday afternoon was IKEA/Lunch with Mum and Logan.  We took her out for her birthday.  

Saturday evening was some well mannered frivolity at Dave & Debbie's.

This is my favorite picture trio of the two of them...

The girls, Debbie (above) and Beth, Jen and Andrea.

We've all planned a girls weekend to Grand Forks sometime later this summer.  We were thinking Vegas, but hey... we can have fun anywhere and so Grand Forks was brought forth!

Sunday was the Dakota Jet's hockey windup.  Here is Logan and Seth. Seth is usually the goalie, but for the floor hockey party, they switched positions.

Perhaps the  most wonderful update of all is that I have both a counter top and a sink.  Installed and working.

Hallelujah! That project wasn't a complete pain in the ass at all.


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