Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Things have a way of working out.

Easter Sunday I called Home Depot installation department.  I asked SPECIFICALLY if we could have one of the standard countertops installed.  Not the custom ones, the standard in stock ones.

Seriously, I asked the guy like 4 times. He said yes.  I was skeptical, but pleased.

So we went to HD last night to get it all set up.  Spoke to the guy in charge of installations who then told me that they don't do installations of standard countertops.

I asked him if they knew of any contractors who would... he said he didn't know of any.  Awesome dude. Thanks, you've been super helpful.

So now what?  Another sleepless night. That's what.

Our problem right now is not the install really, it's the cutting the freaking corner thing and digging out the underside of the counter for the bolts.

I decided that we would bite the bullet and order a custom countertop from Home depot so that we wouldn't have to make that 45 degree corner cut and mitre bolt cut outs.  I called Home Depot again this morning, my concern was that we wouldn't be able to order the standard countertops as a custom order.

We have already installed  the stand alone piece of counter between our fridge and stove. Unless we could order the standard brand/color as a custom one, this installed piece was wasted.  I wasn't sure if they have different brands for the custom orders, if so we'd be totally screwed.

But Home Depot girl said, that yes they could do that. Then casually in passing she said, "but that would cost a fair bit of money, if you want to save some, just pick up the in stock counter and take it to Winnipeg Countertops and have them cut it and add the mitre bolt cut outs for you".

I'm sorry...what?

She continued, "Oh yeah, they do a great job and only charge about $50 to make the cuts".

This is PERFECT! Exactly what we need.  Once we get those cuts done, they we can install it. I could have hugged this girl.

Why couldn't the guy (who was the supervisor no less) have told us that last night?  As excited and optimistic as I was, I wanted to actually talk to someone at this counter place because I got burned the last time with HD telling me that they could do something and they couldn't.

So I called and sure enough, all we have to do is take the measurements, wrap the counters, bring them over.  They will do the cuts on the spot if they have time.  Otherwise, we leave them and pick them up next day.  The price for completely saving our butts?   $50 - which also includes end caps.

This is me getting off this phone this morning. Now.... let's see if it works.


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