Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break Recap

Before we left for the cabin we had to have our design appointment with Accurate Technology Group. Essentially it's to pick out where you want your phones, Internet cables etc.  We got a security package and got some integrated audio elements including music speakers that are embedded into the ceiling and outside walls on the back (so we can listen to music on the deck).

From there we went to Superlite and picked out pendant lights for above the kitchen island.  WAY back in the fall when we toured a house with the same floor plan as the one we ended up buying, they had these cool lights above their island. I loved them.

So I subconsciously found myself looking for the exact same lights and I found a chandelier that had the same lights.  The sales rep I spoke to found the same lights in their pendant form, so we are going to go with that.  They are definitely a departure from my regular style, I can't explain why I like them.  But what the hell... if we don't like them once we move in, we'll change it.

Cabin was great.

Got there Wednesday night and immediately had drinks with Court and Dale.  I needed one after driving over the freaking river.  I know it's frozen over and will be for some time, but still, the slush on the surface and pools of melted water and fucking freaky to drive over.

Thursday we took the boys to the Brandon fair.  It was cool, we saw horses, show jumping, petting zoo, expo, superdog presentation and Brad even got to go on stage as part of an illusionist act.  In a craqzy fluke, we actually bumped into Brad's parents at the fair!  Unbelievable.  We were sitting watching the show jumping and Brad looked across the arena and saw his parents!  So we were able to have a nice little visit with them.

Friday I painted the boys room at the cabin.  When they were 6 & 4 we let them gave at it with a can of blue and red paint.  They slopped it all over the walls and had a great time.  But they have grown up a bit and felt that the room was too much of a little kid room, so we painted over all of it.  Looks great now!

We don't have running water the cabin, so everything is old school, bringing your water in for drinking and washing up.  Washing your hair takes up a lot of water, so in the winter, we just melt snow.  it's a huge pain in the ass, but snow water makes your hair crazy soft. I'm not sure why, but it's a nice side benefit.  Brad melted me a nice big pot of it so I wouldn't look a complete ragamuffin when we went out later that night.

Saturday night we went to Court and Dales and were greeted with our very own personal Rider Cups....

Got home Sunday night ( after yet another terrifying rive over the river).   Mum and Dad surprised us, they were back from Texas!  So We took a drive to show them the new house.  It's cool in that we have walls and a floor now, so we were able to walk through it and point out where things are going to go. It was the first time I had actually walked through, makes it seem much more real.  That being said, my perspective is completely fucked.  Everything looks so small even though it is currently twice the size of my current house.  I recall feeling the same way when we built our cabin as well.  Then when the dry wall and everything was up, it felt huge!  So I am waiting for that moment with Twick.

So that was it.  Spring Break 2014 in the books.


HP said...

You have walls and a floor already?! Holy progress!!!! Awesome!

I'm guessing the snow makes your hair soft b/c it's not the extremely hard chemical laden Winnipeg water. Water in Brandon is SOOOO different.

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