Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Remainder of the backsplash/tile is finished

We had some leftover backsplash tile from the main bathroom.  Our ensuite bathroom is decorated in the same style, same cultured stone sink, same cabinet etcs. Since we can't return half of a tile (mosaic one), we figured we would add in a backsplash in the ensuite.  Why not?

Depending on how long the daycare meeting goes tonight, I will grout them. Brad took the toilet off in the main bathroom so I could paint behind it. If he is able to put that back once we grout the tile behind the toilet (tile trim goes around the bathtub/shower, but with the toilet off it's easier to grout) then I can put that bathroom back together and it's DONE!

Brad measured the counters again last night and is taking the measurements in along with the counters to get them cut/mitred.  I am HOPING HOPING HOPING that they will do it for him on the spot so he doesn't have to go back tomorrow.

Then it's just the simple matter of putting the counters on...

AND connecting the mitre bolts, cutting out a sink hole and reconnecting the water/dishwasher/garburator.

The only thing that might muck up our whole plan is that we had to take the truck in today.  It was making a horrid, metal clanking type noise. I know NOTHING about truck maintenance, but even I didn't think it sounded good.

Again with the hoping.... I am hoping that it will be ready by 2pm so that Brad can get the truck and head over to take the counters in.  If the truck isn't ready, well it's just going to push back everything.

We are currently operating off of the assumption that we will list our house somewhere around the first week of June.  Our current plan is to list on Thursday, having showings Thursday/Friday. Open House Saturday/Sunday and then accept offers Monday.  It seems to be a good formula.

That's why we are going so hard to get the renos done because we really only have a little over a month to finish them up!

Inside we have left to do:
Kitchen - 
Counters/Back splash

Back entrance/Stairway to downstairs
Finish trim on access panel to water shut off valves

Main Bathroom/Ensuite
Grout Back splash

Finish soffits/fascia/eaves on side/back
Stain fence
Minor landscaping (sod for back, flowers etc)
Trim around garage window

It might sound like a lot, but its so small compared to the gargantuan list that we started out with in the fall of things that we wanted to renovate before we moved.  It's funny.  I've been wanting to do all these things for years and we always put it off. Now they are finally getting done and I won't be the one who gets to enjoy it.


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