Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Oh Crap

Last night I made the little "Twick Construction Update" collage below.

I used the App PicCollage to do it.  When I finished making the collage it asked me if I wanted to save it, which I did, because then it would save a copy of the collage into my photos on my phone.

Didn't think too much of it and happened to open up Facebook. ACK!  A copy of my collage was posted on it.

I haven't mentioned we are building a new place on Facebook.  It's not a secret per se, clearly, I have been open and talking about it here, but there is just something about Facebook.  People don't think when the talk and say shit like "Oh what builder did you go with?" only to them relay horror stories and just a barrage of negativity that I really don't want or need.

I couldn't delete the Facebook post fast enough.

So far I haven't received any notifications asking "Are you moving?" so I am taking that to be a good sign that I deleted it fast enough.  Yeesh... mental note to check out which apps I have again.  It is giving me really bad Songza flashbacks.


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