Tuesday, March 4, 2014

To dairy or not to dairy that is the question

Weekend was good.

Friday night was the bud, spud and steak.    It was held at the Area night club, which used to be Scandals night club back in the day.  It was funny in that I spent a lot of time there, but didn't recognize the inside what so ever.

I think that means that I partook in some well mannered frivolity in my 20s combined with the fact that they never turn the lights on in those places until it's time to go home.  Then all it does it to illuminate the full horror of your situation and you don't exactly use that time to survey the floor plan of the building!

Saturday was good.  Up early to go on my geriatric shopping extravaganza.  I had to take Zach with me because I needed someone to push the second cart.    I managed to get everything on her list with the exception of stubby water bottles.  For whatever reason I couldn't find them.  So she had to settle for regular ones.

Saturday night was PLAYOFFS!  Both Zach and my nephew had games. Zach's was in East Selkirk which is a bitch and a half to get to.  Braden's was in Southdale, so we swung by on the way home from Zach's game. Both boys lost, but since playoffs are a double knockout, each of them get a second chace.

Sunday we did nothing and it was friggin glorious. I went into the basement and started packing things up.    I wanted to get rid of things so that we don't move anything we don't need and I also want to make the house look organized and tidy for potential buyers!

We will move the boxes out before the open house obviously, but int the meantime we are just going to stack them.  Somehow I think the boys will find a use for them.

Sunday night Logan started complaining of a bellyache.  We figured we got the dosage wrong for his lactose pills.  They are really a guess and check situation because it depends on the amount of dairly you are consuming. So pizza? 1 pill.  Milkshake 3 pills.  It's completely subjective.

But when the belly ache didn't go away all Sunday and Monday morning he was still in pain, Brad took him to the doctor.  The Dr at the walk in suspected it was his appendix and sent them to the Children's hospital.

The ER Dr. agreed in that they think it's his appendix flaring up and so there is a good chance that these pains he's been getting for the past 6 months are appendix and not lactose intolerance. Lovely.

Here's is where it gets confusing.  They didn't do a CT scan because they don't like to subject kids to the unnecessary radiation, which I completely understand.  But they also suspect that his appendix is pointing up, which means that an ultrasound is useless as well.

Both Brad and I have had our appendixes out (poor kids gets it from both sides).  Mine was textbook. Appendix pointed down, pain lower right abdominal area.  Brad's pointed up. Meaning they can't see it on an ultrasound and the pain radiates from his bellybutton.  He spent a year on antacids and ulcer meds before his appendix was so bad he went to the ER and they figured it out.

So that looks like what Logan is facing.  The flare ups will get more intense and closer together until they finally decide to remove it.  My problem with this is that they don't know for sure it's his appendix because they haven't done any real testing.   Since there is nothing you can do for an inflamed appendix outside of removing it, making the kid wait and suffer through these flare ups hardly seems like the best course of action either.

When Logan found out that he just had to wait, his first concern was hockey playoffs. He just about lost his shit when he thought that he would have to miss them.

But after talking to him and explaining that the likely hood of this all coming to a head by Saturday is slim and none he felt somewhat better, but he's still nervous.

On a totally unrelated note, they did the piles for the house yesterday or prepped them anyhow.  Basement should be poured tomorrow, which is fantastic, because the forecast is -8C.  I am still nervous about having a basement poured in the cold, but with the tents and the heaters it should be ok. (knock on wood).

At the very least I would prefer -8C over having my basement poured in -50C with the windchill which is what happened to my neighbor.  So anyways.  Yay for progress!


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