Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Survived Day 1

Day 1 of the running club was good.  There is about 10 of us ladies in it.  Including my friends Debbie and Marcie.

The instructor started us off really slow and basic because she needed to get a feel for where we all we at.  I am pleased to note that the majority of the class seems to be in the same boat. That boat being, "I have no plans of becoming Usain Bolt, but I just want my jeans to fit without cutting off circulation".

It was good though, I really liked the instructor. She's normal and down to earth and not overly enthusiastic like some aerobic instructors.  We did some walk/running around the track for about 30 min and then did a little yoga/stretching warm down.  We go again Saturday morning.

There is something about getting back on the bandwagon and having that first workout under your belt.  Makes you feel a little badass.


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