Friday, March 7, 2014

Snowstorm Win

Last night was Zach's play off game.  We were playing the other Dakota team.  Many of the kids on that team we played with last year.   We have faced them already twice this season in the regular schedule and they whooped us handily.

So I wasn't really looking forward to the game to be honest. Since we had already lost one game, if we lost, that was it for our hockey season (outside of a tournament coming up).  Plus I didn't want the kids to go out on a bad note.  So I was pleasantly surprised when the kdis came to PLAY last night.  The score was 1-0 for the longest time, but in the third period they lit it up!!

Final score was 6-0.  So proud of them, they were JACKED!

It made the trip out to Selkirk worthwhile which is good because the roads were absolute shit. Anytime someone passed you on the highway, it became and absolute white out.  Crazy dangerous.

But thankfully we made it home safe and sound.  When I got home, I found a message on the machine from GG's building and my cousin was calling.  Turns out GG had pressed her panic button and they took her to the ER.  Not sure how long she was there before they called us.  Jackie couldn't get there and she couldn't get ahold of me, so Angie went to pick her up.  I'm going to go tonight to check on her.  After talking to Jackie, nothing turned up on any of the testing, so it was likely her acid reflux again.

This weekend we just have playoffs.  I have a lunch date with Jill Sunday afternoon, but I think that is about it for plans.  Hoping to maybe start painting the house.  That would be awesome!


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