Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nascar Running Club

Running club is proving to be the exact motivation that I need to get out there and MOVE!  The only trouble is with the weather being complete shit, we have been stuck running in the gym.  Yes, Gym, not track.  We are basically running laps around a school sized (a little smaller actually) gym.  It completely feels like a Nascar race with the exception that we change directions have way through. Can't wait until the weather cooperates and we can start running outside!

It's hard coming home on a Tuesday night to have any motivation to work out, but running club does the trick.

Deb's heading out to Florida for Spring break, so I'll be going to Saturday's class on my own.  That's alright. Every minute I am not on the couch is a triumph.

Tonight I am getting  back into painting.  Going to tackle the hallway and hopefully get the first coat on. We are slowly getting close to having all the renos done!  Once the snow melts, we'll finish up the outside.  Once we get the all clear (45 days out from possession), we will put up for sale sign. I am hoping before the end of June.  June 20 was our initial possession and I honestly think it would take a miracle for that to actually occur. I'm thinking late August, so that wouldn't give us the 45 days until mid July. So I am hoping for a minor miracle in that we can list before school is out.


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