Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hallway to Darkness

Painted the hallway last night.  Wooo.  Gripping stuff.

I painted it the same New Hampshire color which is like a Green/Grey mix.  It's quite nice in the living room. I had tons of leftover paint, so we decided to continue the living room color into the hallway because it needed painting anyways.

In the open living room, the color looks great.  In the hallway, it looks great too, but MAN does it make it darker.  Holy shit balls.  I am somewhat hoping it's just darker because When I was painting, I had to take the hall light fixture off, so that obviously made it darker, but gees.... it's dark.

Ok, not quite that bad.  I'm going to see what it looks like once the light is in and see what it looks like during the day ( I was painting at night).  But, regardless it's staying.  If the people buying the place don't like it they can paint it themselves.  At least this way it covers up 10 years worth of nicks and dings to the wall!

I just want to finish these renos and get the hell out of dodge.


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