Monday, March 10, 2014

Giant Killers

One Win, One Loss and a really sore neck.

Saturday was Logan's first playoff game.  They lost. Boo. The kids haven't had a whole of experience (any actually) in coping with a loss because they won so much.  Trouble with that is they tend to unravel a bit when they are losing.  But it was just one game and it's double knock out so they were still in in.

We actually almost didn't make it to Logan's game at all. Brad was driving by the new place, to see progress.  They have plowed our street because of the trucks that are working on it, but the other new roads (that don't have any construction yet) haven't been plowed.  This is fine and dandy when we are in the truck because, throw it into 4 wheel drive and go.  But the Rav is much lower down and well... it got stuck.

So he called me and I brought the truck over.  We hooked up some towing straps and yanked the thing out. Brad was in the truck and I was in the Rav making sure that the wheels pointed the right way.  Trouble is, every time, the towing straps went taught, it have an almighty jerk and fucked up my neck again.

Sunday, both boys had games at the same time, so I took Logan and Brad took Zach.  Logan's team lost. Badly.  It was kind of heartbreaking.  I think that the coaches took it harder than the kids.  Logan went over to his buddy Alex's house with Seth and Brett to hang out and play some street hockey.

It's disappointing to end the season that way, but hey.. they had a good run.

Zach's team are turning into Giant Killers.  They finished the regular season in 15th place out of 18 teams, so not ideal.  But everything changes in the playoffs.  They lost the first playoff game, but in the 2nd, they knocked out the #5 team.  Then on Sunday, they knocked out the #3 team (at least I think they were #3, maybe #4).  So that's in and of itself is a major win for them. Going from only winning 5 games ALL freaking season to winning 3 in just over a week is pretty awesome.

Both Zach and Logan still have Spring tournaments and then hockey is DONE.  Brad and I have decided to take a break from Spring Activities (we usually do soccer, ball hockey or flag football). Instead, we are going to use the time to work on the house. It's so hectic, that having to find time to do the renos while shuttling the boys everyone wasn't really in the cards, so we talked to the boys and explained that we were going to sit this season out.  We will be back at it for Summer and Fall activities again, so that's good.

On a positive note, the weather is warming up finally so I am get out of the winter funk that I am in.  Damn it's been a long winter. For the first time I find myself anxious for winter to be over.  Usually I'm am somewhat ambivalent, but this year..... uh uh. I want it GONE. Let's go. MELT!


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