Monday, March 24, 2014


Well reality is sinking in, not being able to drive sucks, but life goes on.

 I have a huge list of things that I am bringing with me to discuss with my doctor and believe me when I say, I will get to the bottom of this.


I had lofty plans of paiting the living room/hallway in prep for the move.  But as per usual Life Happens and I only got the living room done.  The hallway will have to be done this week sometime I hope.  The reason for the delay.. hockey.

Logan's hockey team is in the Dakota tournament.  They won one, lost one and had to win the 3rd by more than 4 goals to stay alive.  They won 11-0.

So it was a surprise when we were told our team had been eliminated.

Our coaches rallied.  Not to be obnoxious about it, but they just needed to see mathematically how we got eliminated.

Turns out it was an oversight and we were still very much in it. Whew!  Good thing they checked.  Felt bad for the team that had been told they were continuing, who then won a game to find out they were knocked out.  So we had our next game at 1:30 on Sunday.  They won.  So we had to be back at the rink for 5:40 for the next one... and they won again.

From knocked out to being in the gold medal game is quite a nice turn of events.

Gold medal game is tonight.

Go Dakota Jets!


HP said...'d it go?

Jodi said...

LOL.... We got Silver, but hey, it's still pretty shiny.

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