Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why do I do this to myself?

Every night it's the same thing.  Tell myself I'm going to go to bed early, and then I end up watching my shows and staying up until midnight and then I'm completely REM deprived come morning.

But I did get caught up on my Bachelor.

Clare isn't my favorite as a bachelor contestant, but there is no denying the connection she had with Juan Pablo.

So after the group date that she totally monopolized, she sneaked out to his place for a midnight swim.  Later in the episode, he then brings it up that the midnight swim was WILDLY inappropriate and it wasn't fair to the other girls.  I mean really, Juan.... really? If you didn't want the girl sneaking up to your place then WHY did you:
a) Take her for a private swim during your group date (Hello? Setting a precedence?)
b) Even show her where you were staying to begin with?

I watched Juan Pablo when Clare came to his door and suggested the swim.  He said "I'll get my swim trunks" faster than you can say "Hypocrite much?"

 I think she has a right to be annoyed with him.  To spin it that their little escapade was disrespectful to his daughter is really unfair when he should have shut it down from the start.  Yes, he admitted that he shouldn't have agreed to go, but then to say that he did it so she wouldn't feel bad?  Yeah. No.

Here is my take on the whole event.  I don't think he felt the slightest twinge of disrespecting his daughter when Claire came knocking. I don't.

I know that he adores his daughter, but in that moment it was all about him and Clare .  So that's the first thing. The second is that I only think he started to feel guilty when he went on his one on one with Nikki and started to really like her as well.  Then the wheels in his head are turning... oh shit... what if Nikki or the other girls are more wife material that this little hot tamale I am swimming in the ocean with?

Then my future wife will be watching the show later and feel that I betrayed her, so I have to get it on paper that I felt it was inappropriate and cover my ass a little.

I honestly think that Clare and Juan Pablo slept together that night. It makes sense given Clare's toast the next night about "Finding love, being loved and making love".

Juan Pablo then finds her to say "I hope that nobody knows".  Ok. Dude.  Let's have a chat here.  That is just flat out RUDE behavior on your part.  I really felt bad for cheap would that have made you feel?  It's almost like if I was Clare you want to "out" him and let everyone know he slept with you so that he can be exposed for being so hypocritical, but you can't because then that makes you look like a turbo-slut in the process.  This is a total shit creek situation.

Not to mention all the side bets.  Andi unraveling because she isn't getting a one on one date and Renee acting like it's junior high and begging to be kissed.  I swear if she had a binder it would have hearts over it  Renee+Juan Pablo True Luv 4 EVA!

At the end of the night, he sent home 3 ladies.  I was sad to see Kelly go... while there wasn't any great love connection, she was a smart ass and I loved her commentary.

My favorite (in reference to Claire's fussing over trying a minuscule piece of octopus):

"Clare is the most dramatic person I've ever seen. Her piece (of octopus) was literally this big and I KNOW you've swallowed bigger things than that!"

So off we go to New Zealand.....


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