Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Wrap

Another outdoor tournament in the books.  This one went much better though.  Logan's team went undefeated and they are in the gold medal game on Thursday.

Zach had a regular season game and his team won. Zach got a goal and an assist.


IT didn't start out so well though. Friday Brad got a call from the school, Logan was not feeling well.  When Brad picked him up his cheeks were flushed, but he didn't have a fever.

Took him home.  He seemed ok, just a little lethargic.  Went to the early morning game and was in the locker room getting him changed after the game and I noticed he was COVERED in a red rash.

So between games, I thought I would take him to the walk in.  I went in and there was only two people in the waiting room.  Score.

Yeah, not so much.

We waited for 2 hours and I had to get home because I had to be back for Zach's hockey party (which I coordinated so I kinda had to be there). I knew that Brad and Zach were on the ice, but I thought practice was over and so I texted him to come and switch with me.  He could sit with Logan and I could go get ready.

What I didn't realise is that I got the times wrong and Brad was still on the ice, which means he wasn't checking his phone.

Oh lord.  My texts started out quite pleasant...

"Hey babe, would you mind picking me up and sitting with Logan so that I could get ready for Zach's party?"

"When you get this, could you give me a call?"

not too bad right?


fast forward 20 minutes later and I am starting to unravel...

"Where the HELL are you?  I need you to swap with me"


Poor Brad, gets off the ice to find 30 texts increasing in hostility with each one.

Ok,  so overreactions aside, Logan has Slapped Cheek disease. SAY WHAT?  Yeah, I'd never heard of it either, it also goes by the name of Fifth's disease.  It's basically just a viral red rash that is common in the late winter, early spring.  Once the rash shows up, it just runs its course over the next couple of weeks, slowly getting better and then that's it.  Weird.

So I rushed back from the Dr with Logan to get ready for Zach's party.  Brad had dropped off Zach at the party, so i just came home for a shower, and then head back over there.  Zach's team had a great time, it was really good for them to have some downtime as a team and just be kids.

Once the party was done, we headed back to Logan's 3rd game (I missed his second while I was at Zach's party).  We came home from that and tried to thaw somewhat, and I tried to make some appetizers for the party at Dave and Beth's.

I had decided I was going to make this turtle pretzel bark.  Super simple, brown sugar, butter turn into caramel. Pour over pretzels and bake. Then spread chocolate chips over that, let it melt and spread it around. Cool, break into pieces.

All was going well until the chocolate part. I grabbed a bag of Chocolate chips at the store, but didn't look closely enough, they were chocolate FLAVORED chips. Let me assure you that there is a marked difference between these and real chocolate.  When I put these things on, they didn't melt, but went all weird, pasty  and grainy, like sand mixed in with chocolate.  So gross.

There was no way I could bring that disaster to the party, so I pitched it and started again, but I didn't have any more chocolate, real or flavored, so I just made the it without it and decided to rebrand it as Salted Caramel pretzel bark.

The party was really great, we all had a great time and were back at the rink bright and early the next morning.  Sydney did a great job babysitting, the boys love her.  She's such a calming presence.  I can't believe she's 17 and so well adjusted!  When I was 17, I was a tad more  spastic.

Really need a weekend to recover from my weekend.


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