Monday, February 10, 2014

Polar doesn't work when it's Polar.... ironic much?

Weekend was nice.

Saturday we had Logan's gold medal hockey game (which they won!)

Did a fast bit of shopping for GG's birthday present and for Zach's friend Ethan's birthday. Rushed back to Zach's game.  They didn't win their game, but Zach got to meet Dancing Gabe and he was super excited about that...

Saturday afternoon we dropped Zach off at Ethan's and Logan went over to Seth's.  Perfect!  Date Night!

We went out for dinner to Moxie's.  We had lofty plans of going to a movie after, but instead opted for a trip to the LC and a soak in the hot tub.  It was lovely.

Brad crashed pretty early since he had been up since 4 am watching the Olympics. So I stayed up and binge watched Orange is the New Black, which is officially my new favorite show (along with Downton, Breaking Bad, Mindy Project, Alaskan Frontier, Bachelor and Sister Wives... i may need help)

Sunday was GG's birthday celebration.  Or in actuality, a trip to the mall for Tim's and a coffee, followed by a mall walk to Walmart.  In our defense, that's what she wanted.  We all went in together and got her some nightgowns and underthings.  She was happy with that.  Also got to meet Angie's new boyfriend Neal.

Angie on the left, Neal, GG and Jackie (Angie's sister) on the right.

We were supposed to have a bunch more games on Sunday but they were all outdoor games and cancelled on account of the cold.

This morning I was supposed to be working from home to have the windows installed, only to have them call and say that it is too cold to install today. DAMMIT!  I get why and everything it was just frustrating. So we are going to try again on Wednesday.  Here's hoping it warms up.


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