Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Of Mice and Zen

Lovely Weekend.

Friday night I went to the Chiro.  He did a quick look at my neck and told me that my neck had been in spasm for 3 days.  Awesome.  Well that would explain why it hurt so much. He did an adjustment and gave me some exercises. I then made a follow up appointment for Monday.

Saturday morning I was up at the butt crack of dawn to be at GG's for 7 am.  The plan was she was going to be dressed and ready and have packed a to go breakfast so that she could have food to eat her pills with at 8 am.  The clinic opens at 8 am, so we had to ensure we were there so we wouldn't have to be waiting all day.

When I got there I asked her where her breakfast was and she replied, "How am I supposed to make a sandwich with no bread?" Uh....

So I ran into the dining hall and asked them if they could prepare something.  They were happy to oblige because they are still feeling pretty remorseful that they dropped boiling water on GG.

Got back to her room, packed up her stuff and we were off.  Unfortunately, the snow was blowing and the plows hadn't yet done the parking lot. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is a very big deal when you are trying to navigate a 5'10'' woman in a 150lb wheel chair through that deep snow.  I decided to wheel her through the building to the lobby of the adjacent building because they have a drop off /drive thru zone that was shoveled.

We got to Pan Am in record time and were the first ones in line for the Xr-ay. Perfect. Except that GG takes about 300 pills a day. The ones she takes early in the morning are diuretics.  Which means that  every 5 minutes we were off and running looking for a restroom.

The X-ray technician was lovely, but the required X-rays meant that GG had to stand for the X-ray to be taken, which was uncomfortable and painful for her.  When she was finished we sat in the waiting room for a bit so she could eat her PB&J sandwich and wash down her next installment of 12 pills. I don't know how she does it really.  She has to have 3 different pill boxes because there isn't enough room in one!

Got her back home safe and sound.  I still managed to rush over to the rink and make puck drop for Logan's game so that was awesome; then went to Zach's game in the afternoon (which was a rather unfortunate schelacking). I was supposed to meet up with Kendra Saturday night, but she wasn't feeling up to it, so instead I took the boys to the Lego movie.

I was pleasantly surprised. It's really funny and not just kid funny. Adult funny too.  It even pokes fun at itself in  a satirical way.

Sunday was all about the birthday parties.  Logan had 2 to go to.  The twins, Connor and Rylan and then Cam.  The twins had a floor hockey party which is great because the kids run around the whole time and burn off energy. Perfect.  Picked him up from that and went straight over to the other one at Academy Bowling.  Cameron's party was held at the same time as the Movement Center fundraiser.  Cam loves to bowl so it was a great way to tie the two together.

Kids helped Logan bowl and I even got a great picture of Cam and Logan together.  It's hard to get Cam to focus on the camera, so I was really happy when his Mum sent me this one!

Monday I had off because we had to have our appointment at the design center and pick everything out for the house.  I went to my chiro in the morning. He said that my neck is no longer in spasm but the muscles are still messed up from being so tight for so long.  More heat, more exercises and some time.

Since my appointment for the house wasn't until the afternoon I thought I would check in on GG.  Oh Lord.

When I arrived she was all in a tither about mice.  MICE.  As she was talking one ran behind the tv.  While I was freaking out about that, another ran across my foot.

Apparently GG has complained before, but they haven't done anything because there isn't any mouse droppings in her apartment.  My guess is that they are just passing through her apartment maybe? Who knows, but so gross.

They brought some traps in and that will hopefully catch them. I hate mice. UGH!

The design center appointment was great. Really great actually.  Brad and I were on the same page for 99% of it.  The only thing was he wanted a light colored fireplace, I wanted dark.  IN the end, we compromised.  I got my dark fireplace and he got to choose the siding color. Deal.  Outside of the house is a light grey stucco, grey siding, slate blue shutters and door.

We went with a Maple cabinet (Kitchencraft) in a toffee stain, Cinnamon colored hardwood floors throughout the whole main floor (except the mudroom, laundry room and pantry).  Did a lot of upgrades to the cabinets. Made them taller added molding, internal fixtures, pull outs etc.  Also upgraded the cabinet above the fridge. Moved it out so that you can actually reach it. Added bonus to that is you now have a cavernous cabinet that can house big appliance like bread makers and get them off the counter!

We also upgraded the carpet and got the best underlay that we could. It was expensive, but I wanted a really nice carpet to walk on in the bedroom. The one we have in the current house is a Berber and I knew I didn't want that again.  We pretty much upgraded everything. Counter tops, sinks, taps, stone, tile in the bathroom around the soaker tub. I am pretty happy with it all.

Despite all the chaos of the weekend, it did have a nice Zen like end with picking out all the stuff for the house.  So much fun.

Adding to that is the Netflix released the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad.


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