Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A moment of silence

Jeeves has died.

Jeeves was our almost 2 foot long Pleco that resided in our fishtank down stairs.   Jeeves liked to jump and this ultimately was his demise.  A few years ago, he jumped out of the tank and we thought he had died because he was all still and whatnot, but he came back.

After that Jailbreak, Brad put chicken wire across the top of the tank.  Occasionally you would hear "CHINK" as he hit the wire when he jumped.  It always creeped me out that we had this huge fish that was constantly trying to escape.

Well this time, I guess he jumped up hard and popped the fasteners that were holding the chicken wire on and went airborne.  We have no idea how long he was like that.  If it happened Monday night when everyone is asleep, then no one goes into the basement in the morning.  Brad found him Tuesday evening, so it is likely that he could have been there for over 12 hours.  These fish have an air bladder or something that lets them breathe out of water for a little while, but unfortunately for Jeeves it was much too long.

Sad face.

Goodbye Jeeves.  Thank you for keeping our tank so clean.


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