Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Uptight Much?

I've been uptight lately.

Lots going on, house stuff, family stuff, parent's leaving for Texas (meaning I have to look after GG) and I just found out this morning that I have bronchitis.  Lovely.

Stress does bad things. It affects all aspects of everything.  So I have decided that while yes, things are a little mental right now and will be for the next while, I have to focus on the good stuff.

I am so fortunate to have an amazing group of friends.They make me laugh, know when to give hugs and when to skip the pleasantries and when something stronger is required..

Case in point, Debbie booked us massages at Riverstone spa this weekend.  That should help with the serious case of bitchy resting face I have had of late.

Debbie and I have so much of the same shit going on in our lives, it's kinda crazy.  The good aspect of that is that we understand what the other is going through.

So that is Phase One and should get me into a relaxed state.  Once there,  it's time for Phase Two.
I need to laugh. Hard.
Laugh because life is so fucking ridiculous sometimes that if you don't laugh you'll cry.   One of my favorite comedians is in town on January 29, Debra Digiovanni, so  I snagged some tickets and Debbie and I are going to check that out as well.

A massage... Some cocktails.... Laughing until your face hurts. Going to have an awesome night out and get outside ourselves for awhile.  Just what the doctor ordered.

Where would any of us be without our friends?


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