Thursday, January 9, 2014

Son of a $%^&(*)(&*^@%#

There was a peach of a bus driver yesterday.

Oh yeah, he was something special.

When I got on the bus and was walking to my seat, he lurched the bus which meant that my knee went flying into the corner of one of the bus seats.

Holy mother! That fucking hurt!

Write it off as an isolated incident right?  Well, we continued on our blessed journey.  A few stops later he was  picking up new passengers and just as one was getting on, he lurched the bus again.  Except that this time, the woman lost her footing and went ass over tea kettle and fell backwards off the bus.

It was a full yard sale, all her stuff went everywhere.   Everyone around her started picking up her phone, purse... you name it.

What the hell man?  How hard is it to keep your foot on the brake when people are getting on the bus?

Then to make matters worse, he dropped me off in front of the building in front of a huge patch of ice.  While this isn't his fault, it just sucked, because it was crazy slippery and within seconds I completely bit it.

There is no elegant way to recover from that one.

I hate winter.


HP said...

"It was a full yard sale" - FAVORITE - HAHAHA!

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