Monday, January 27, 2014

Outdoor tournament

It was weird.  Cold and weird.  Good and weird.

Friday night I headed over to the rink with Logan right after work.  I didn't have time to change or anything, so I was fricking freezing.  Wind was HOWLING.

The boys won, so that was good.

Saturday am was Logan's regular season game which they won, so that was good.  Then I stopped in at GG"s after to give her the stamps she had requested, only to then be asked to go and purchase some bottles of water and some Ivory Snow.

Went shopping, bought some long underwear  to wear at the outdoor game, which was no small feat considering they were almost sold out!.  Then I went grocery shopping, got food for us, misc items for GG, ran back home dropped them off (didn't want the veggies freezing) and made it to the start of Zach's game with 2 minutes to spare. Whoot!

And they WON!  This is huge because on one hand we have Logan's team who are undefeated in the regular season, and then we have Zach's team who has only won 1 game and the rest have been losses by a goal differential of usually 1.  So I was very happy for them.

Then we got Brad and Zach all set up to go to the  Jet's game as our team won the Flight Deck and got tickets/t-shirts etc.  Got them at set up and then I packed up Logan for his game. They had a great time!

Zach's in the blaze orange hunting toque LOL.

I was determined to be prepared for the outdoor games this time and bundled up like crazy.  Game was ok, but they out skated us and the boys lost. But the crappy thing was the group of older boys that were standing behind our goalie taunting him.  I know that being taunted is part of the life of an NHL goalie, but when you're 8, it's kind of traumatic. I am not sure it changed the outcome of the game, but it didn't necessarily make it any more enjoyable for our goalie.  So that wasn't cool.

After that game, we got something to eat, but during this time it started snowing... a lot.  So when we went out on the ice for the next game there was over 3 inches of snow because of the way the wind was blwoing. The kids couldn't see the puck and even the hardest slapshot only travelled about a foot because you were firing it into a snowbank.

They lost that game too, but honestly, it had been such a long day, we just wanted to go home.  But then Logan piped up and reminded me that I had promised to take him to Boston Pizza after the game to make up for the fact that he didn't get to go to the Jet's game.

I was so tired from standing for 3 hours, but a promise is a promise.  We took a slight detour and dropped of GG's stuff and then went to Boston.  Fastest dinner ever I think because even Logan was pretty wiped even though he wouldn't admit it.

As a silver lining to losing, it meant that we didn't have any tournament games on Sunday, so I was able to clean the house.  Lucky Me.

Zach had a buddy over in the afternoon and then left for practice at 4, but then returned shortly thereafter because the ice had been double booked.   Made a nice supper and got caught up on my PVR watching.

Trouble was there was so many good things to watch that my PVR couldn't handle it all. There was the Grammy's, Sister Wives, Bachelor Wedding, Downton Abby, Alaska the last frontier and the Jet's game.

Brad interrupted a tv so he could watch the Jet's game, so sadly, the Bachelor wedding took the hit for that one.  I did watch some of it... Meh... don't feel too bad that I missed it.

So that was it.  Got everything I said I was going to do done. Even got some work done on the house too, Brad did a little more mudding, got some end strips done on the flooring. I started cleaning out closets, donating stuff, throwing out stuff.  Why move more than we have to right?  Productive!


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