Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holiday Wrap

Holidays were good.

Got in a little downtime, little visiting... a LOT of hockey and some new years well mannered frivolity.

The 23rd was one of my favorites.  We went over to David and Debbie's for an impromptu get together.  It was awesome, kids were in the basement having a blast, we were upstairs enjoying ourselves.  It was great.

On the way to that party, I bought a bottle of Chocolate wine.  It's really good.  There are a few kinds, a creamy one and a red wine one. I prefer the red wine one.  SOOOOOOOOOOO good.

Bought all my treats at the LC and headed home all giddy with anticipation.  Got to the garage, grabbed the bag and pssshhhhhhttt.  That would be my best impression of the sound of a bottle of divine red wine hitting the garage floor.

There was no glue on the bottom of the bag.  Meaning that when I lifted it, it just unfolded.  The reason it didn't happen at the store is because I had grabbed the bottom of the bag.

I was so mad, I grabbed the shards, the soggy - yet amazingly scented - receipt and stomped back to the store.  I was quite surprised when they gave me a replacement bottle no questions asked.

So my garage has a lovely red stain on the floor, but at least it smells good.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and Boxing Day were spent at the respective parents houses.   Got in some visiting, nice dinners. Good times.

Starting on the 27th, it was Zach's hockey tournament.   It was a rocky start, they lost the first 3 games, but the beauty of there only being 4 teams in the tournament is that you automatically make the playoffs. Score.

So Sunday night we were at Gateway for the Bronze medal game and they won!!!!  Boys got the bronze medal. How awesome is that??

Forgot to mention... Logan got his gerbils for Christmas.  But we learned that gerbils are social and do better in pairs, so we went and bought a critter aquarium so that we could have two (the current cage we had was too small).  Logan picked out Rex ( a cream colored one) and he said I could pick out the second, so I chose a Black one.  Since it was Christmas, I chose the name Lloyd. - For Lloyd Christmas of course...

Lloyd is a cuddler and will just curl up and go to sleep on your hand.  Rex is crazy high strung and just freaking GOES! So you really have to watch he doesn't get away from you.

Logan loves them, so it's all good.

On the 27th Debbie and I went to go to see Catching Fire.  We thought it would be cool to go see it at the VIP theatre, so Debbie bought the tickets, but I was not aware that the VIP theatre had regular theatres too.

It was a great movie. I really liked it.  Screamed a few times and flailed and make Debbie spill her popcorn, which luckily she found funny.  Whoops!  We made plans to go back and visit the actual VIP theatre when 50 Shades comes out!

The 30th was cleaning day because
a) I had people coming over that night and
b) I was one dirty plate away from people being blind folded and brought in to film a Febreeze commercial.

Did all that..and had a great night.  Kids had a blast running around, staying up late and Dave, Debbie, David, Brad and I just drank good wine and hung out.


The 31st was my birthday.  Made plans early (which was a little rough given the night before) to go to Tiber River With Jill for pedicures.  OMG, I got the Salted Caramel scent.  DECADENT!  Love it!  It was really time too because the bottom of my feet looked like a prehistoric riverbed.

Afterwards we hit up the Grove for lunch.  Hadn't been there yet and it was yummo!  Did a little shopping and then went home to veg.  Jill & Jason came over later in the evening for drinks, apps and birthday cake!
Hurrah.  Good evening.   Sent 2013 off in style with Spumante (my fav cheap bubble wine) and sparkling green tea for the boys.

Hello 2014!  Many things to be thankful for, many things to look forward to.

For 2014, I have decided to dust off AMJ (Ass Minimizing Journey) again.  It's time.  I bought myself a Fit bit to keep me motivated to move more...

and so it begins.


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