Friday, January 24, 2014

Hockey Haven

Yup.  As predicted, we have multiple games per day on Saturday to make up for the cancelled ones.
When I saw our schedule for this weekend, I just cringed....

Zach practice 5:45
Logan game 7:00
Brad and I will have to tag team to that one.   He's taking Zach, I'll take Logan.

Every Saturday morning, I swear I roll over and say to Brad..."This is insane... can't we have just ONE day to sleep in?

Trouble is Brad is a morning person AND he loves sports, so early morning hockey game plays right into his his messed up-early rising-wheelhouse.

Usually we have a game at 8 am, which means we have to get to the rink by 7am, so technically the 9:10 am game is a sleep in of sorts. I suppose, but at this point, I think I am trying to justify it to myself because frankly anything before double digits is waking up early on a Saturday.

Logan game 9:10
Zach Game 12:30
Logan Game 4:30
Logan came 6:45
I'd like to go on record and just say that...


Logan 10:30
Zach practice 4:15
Logan Playoffs, time TBA

I was really hoping to get some housecleaning done, but my only window is Sunday really. So we'll see how that goes.

Here's to making it through this insane weekend


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