Monday, December 2, 2013

Shopping Marathon

Saturday am I was up at 6:45 am to get ready to take Logan to hockey.  Let me assure you that I did not do so willingly.  Getting up at 6:45 am on a cold Saturday am is pure fuckery.

Turns out the next 8 Saturday games are all at this early.  KMN.

My mum and dad came out to watch the game. Afterwords, Dad hung out with Brad to do some work on the house.  Mum and I went shopping.  Not just, let's go and see what we find shopping. Nope, this shopping trip had a mission.  I was going to complete my Holiday gift list come hell or high water.

I drove all over the freaking city.  Hit Cabela's then Polo.  I haven't been to Polo in years.  Crazy flashbacks of how many hours I spent working there at La Senza.  Got Dad, Zach, Logan,  GG gifts.

Then hit Toys r us and got some more things for Zach and Logan.  Even scored a wicked deal on a gift for Zach.  It was $25 cheaper at Toys r us than at Walmart, so I returned what I had previously bought and saved myself $20!.

On the way home, we hit Marks Work Warehouse to get gifts for my in-laws.  Stopped in at Walmart and got some gift cards for my niece/nephew (which is what they asked for...I wasn't just being lazy).

I think I got all but 2.  I have  few more things to pick up for the boys, but that should be about it.
It's remarkable. I don't think that I have ever been done shopping so early before!!!


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