Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Remind me why I live here again?

If you read my blog, you know I take the bus.  For the most part it isn't that bad. Usually.

However from time to time you get some interesting commuters that share the ride.

Today was not about that though. All I wanted was to catch a bus, minimize my time spent in the freezer outside and get to work.  Is that too much to fucking ask?

Apparently yes. yes it was.

My bus never showed up which means that I got to spend a utterly delightful 20 minutes standing outside in frigid fucking arctic temperatures waiting for the big rolling turd to show up.

It's like everyday I am relying on a hungover, unemployed slacker friend to drive me to work. Sometimes they're on time, other times they are late and finally show up without so much as an apology, just a shoulder shrug and a quizzical expression, "What's the hostility man...???"

I was so cold this morning, my legs were stinging. STINGING.    Horrid.  It's just so frustrating because there is jack shit that you can do about it except stand there and take it.



HP said...

You can monitor your bus gps tracker on your phone. I've been using it these days and it's doing the trick. http://m.winnipegtransit.com/busgadget
Enter your stop number and bookmark/widget it on your phone. not always reliable, but better than the old timey guesswork IMHO.

https://uk.superiorpapers.com/ reviews said...

Sometimes it can happen and everyone would have faced it. As suggested you should GPS tracking to understand the position of the bus. It would help you stay indoors and move out to the chill without any damage.

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