Friday, December 6, 2013

Portrait Project 2013

In May 2013, I was working the finish line when this guy comes up to me and asks if he could take my picture.  He explained that he was doing a project where he would be taken 2013 pictures of people by December 31 and would like to have my picture included.

Race Day has got to be one of my favorite days of the year. I love being a part of it and it puts me in an amazing mind set, so I said yes he could take my photo (even though I am not a fan of having someone take my picture), gave him my name and didn't think anything of it since.

Fast forward to the bus ride into work this am.  I was reading up on Ace Burpee's 100 most fascinating people.

When I got to #25, I remembered this guy, Mike Deal as the guy from the finish line in May.

"An excellent photographer and super good guy, his Instagram portrait project has brilliantly captured unique faces of Manitobans and is a must follow. You’re looking for #portraitproject2013 or @wfpmdeal."

I went to his website, and started looking through the pictures.  There is no way to search for names, and the current picture was #1770 or so, so I did a little math.  If the pictures are chronological, then I think that the Marathon would have been some where around #550.  I did a search on #556 and a few on either side of it, but I didn't find my pic.

So I emailed the photographer Mike.  He got back to me right away ( which is awesome, because I admittedly have no patience for waiting)  and told me that I was #553.  (on a side note, I am pretty freaking impressed with my guessing skills... I mean I guess #556 and it was #553???)

This is me, #553...

All of the pictures are really cool. It's like a split second look at a situation, a personality, a life. It gives the smallest glimpse of what was going on in that person's life that day, but at the same time gives away hints of the soul underneath.

It would be fascinating if Mike kept a log of the pictures he took on what days and how he was feeling when he took the pictures. I think it would be really wild to see if there is any correlation between how to photographer was feeling and if that had an impact on the faces he sought out.

Really cool that I am able to be a part of it.

Good Job Mike!!


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