Thursday, December 5, 2013

Polar Baby!

Working from home yesterday so I was able to take Zach to and from a bunch of appointments, but it also let me set up a Polar window quote.

We got the front windows replaced with Polar a few years ago. We love them, but OMG expensive.  So we held off on getting the windows at the back of the house.

But since we are moving, we figured it was time to finish off the job.  We got a quote for the two master bedroom windows and the two boys bedrooms window.

Gulp.  $8900

But... In a moment of clarity I asked if there was a CAA discount.  Turns out there is and it is a fucking good one. 40% off!!!!

Then... feeling a little cocky, I asked if there would be a discount if we installed in January, which I know to be there slow time. Yup... 5% additional off.

The cherry on the top of the whole thing was that we also got a Black Friday special which was another couple hundred off the total.

End result.... $4400.

Oh yeah baby... fix those windows... Hello Twickenham!


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