Monday, December 9, 2013

Got a little closer

Got a few steps closer to being done my Xmas shopping.

Zach was able to give me some more ideas, which is good, because there is only one thing on his list, which makes giving ideas to family kinda hard.

Logan on the other hand has ideas coming out the ying yang and his list is constantly evolving based on what he saw around him that day.

One of the things Logan will be getting for Christmas is a gerbil. He's wanted one for awhile.  I have bought the cage and am going to wrap that up.  On Christmas morning he will open that up and we will tell him that we'll take him to the pet store so that he can pick out his own Gerbil. Apparently gerbils are better for kids because they don't bite.  According to the woman I spoke to at petland, hamsters can get aggresive.

Who Knew?

I still have to pick up Zach some more graphic novels.  Graphic as in Graphics, not Explicit.  He likes to read those and hey... reading is reading and I don't really care how/why it's happening. 

So I just ahve those and then I have to give my nephews cash, because they are saving up for some docking station thing.

Everything else is pretty much ordered and in transit.  For the most part.  I am positive that there is going to be a few things that i have forgotten and will ahve to pick up last minute, but there always is, what else is new?


HP said...

"Graphic as in Graphics, not Explicit." I can't stop laughing.

Jodi said...

I had to clarify, because when I told my Mum that graphic novels were on his wish list, she became very concerned that I would be giving him nightmares.

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