Friday, November 8, 2013

Zach's fainting now?

Oh Gees.

Thursday morning was an eventful one. I was in my bedroom getting ready for work when I heard someone fall. Generally as a rule, that is usually followed by crying, but this time it was strangely silent.

I called out, but no one replied, so I went to check.  Zach was lying on the kitchen floor, his feet in the kitchen, but from the waist up he was slumped over the stairs that lead to our back door.

I went over to him. He was awake, but somewhat confused.  When I asked him what happened, he said he fell asleep.  Initially this frustrated me because I was like "You did what?".

Getting a straight answer out of Zach is really hard because he is so worried about upsetting people that he will tell you what he thinks you want to hear, rather than the truth.  However, in retrospect, if you were a kid, how would you describe the fact that you fainted?  Saying I fell asleep is actually not a bad way to describe it.

Right after the faint we took him to the couch to sit down. He said he wasn't feeling right.  Shortly there after, he started getting sick.  I thought it might be a concussion from the faint, but there was no bump on his head.

I needed to get my laptop for work, so I got Logan to daycare and then Zach and I came to work. I figured that he could veg out on the couch and I could still get stuff done.  Well... poor kid got sick on the way to work and on the way home.  That is 3 separate incidents of puking which got me a little worried, because that could be a bad concussion, whereby the "bump" goes inside your head rather than pushing outwards and can cause major problems.  So... off the the ER.

He got sick on the way to the ER too.  Once we got there, they checked him out thoroughly and determined that it wasn't a concussion.  They then did an EKG to make sure that his heart rhythms are normal, which - thank god - they are.

So, the doctor said that sometime kids faint when "something is brewing" and given the vomiting Zach had, it would appear that it was a pretty short lived violent virus that was the cause.  Also, the fact that Zach didn't have any sort of headache is a good sign that it wasn't a concussion.

Good grief.  That poor kid has had more shit to deal with....

On a positive note, he seems to be back in action as they say.  We kept him home today just to be on the safe side that all is well, but it's nice to see him smiling again that's for sure!


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