Wednesday, November 13, 2013

To Realtor or Not

Generally as a rule, I am a happy person.  However, stressing about house stuff turns me into some sort of weird unrecognizable she-beast.

We are trying to decide between using a Realtor or going it alone with ComFree.  I can't even quantify how many times I have gone back and forth on this.

On one hand, the houses in our area sell really fast and make it seem like a Realtor isn't necessary.  Also, Realtor's tend to use amateur photos when showcasing your house and they can look terrible.

On the other hand, selling your house on ComFree I think is WAY more stressful. You have to coordinate everything from showing the home to arranging the open houses. But, ComFree does use professional photos and there is a potential that we could save a good chunk of money. Plus, if you don't price your house appropriately then it can sit on the market and then in many cases you end up listing with an agent anyways are still out the money you paid to ComFree.

My friend sold her house with ComFree and had a good experience, but for every good experience people share, there are 50 bad experiences that people tell you.

So this is where my indecision comes in. Basically this on repeat....

One of the main reasons for not going with a Realtor was cost.  The last time we sold a house rates were about 7%, which would be over 20K in commission.

But, I have recently found out that commission rates have come down quite a bit.  Many reasons for that including the increase in house costs that made commission percentages not make sense any more, plus the increase in private sales. Rates are around 3-4%.

I called a Realtor who gave us a free market evaluation.  I think that we could get more for the house with a Realtor, plus there would be a decrease in the amount of headaches. Sure there would be some headaches, but perhaps we could avoid migraines.  LOL.. gotta love pain metaphors.

So that changed things a bit. Now we have decided to with a Realtor. It's just a matter of deciding who and what services they will provide for the best rate of commission.  We have an appointment on Tuesday to meet with the first Realtor. I'd like to meet with a few to decide which one is best rather than just going with the first one we meet.

Brad is on board with the Realtor option, so that's good.

One step closer...

PS - This post is brought to you by my unadulterated love of Paul Rudd.


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