Monday, November 18, 2013

Santa, Sleighs and inSanity

Saturday was a fun filled day.

Brad came home Friday night, so he was able to come to Logan's hockey with us in the morning which was awesome.  (They won their game. Our record is now 5-0!)

First stop on the holiday extravaganza was the Children's Museum.  My boys have always been a little apprehensive around Santa, although, the remain big fans of his work.  This year, Zach was standing in line, going over his "lines" to Santa. "Skylander Swap Force... Skylander Swap Force....".  Brad even provided some of the most common questions so that he would be prepared.

End Result?  Decent photo this year!  Only took 10 years!  Good thing too, because next year Zach will be too old to attend the children's party.

After the Santa Chat, the boys played at the Children's museum.  It's a much better location for this kind of event than the Manitoba Museum.

We hung out at the Children's museum for a good 2 hours.  ZJ would have gladly stayed longer, but Logan was maxed out.   We took the boys to Boston Pizza for lunch, a rare treat.   It used to be that I would much rather have had an elective root canal than take the boys out to a restaurant.  However, they have gotten much better and it's actually a pleasant experience going out to eat with them now.

Trouble was we had some major time to kill.  The Santa Claus parade didn't start until 5 pm and it was now only 2pm.  So do we go home for an hour only to come back downtown or do we hang out downtown?

When I registered to watch the parade at work, I asked Jill to come with me because I didn't think Brad was going to be home. So Brad wasn't coming to the parade.  In the end, we decided that the boys and I would hang out downtown until my office opened the cafeteria at 4pm.

We walked around, went to the library and took out some books.  It was alright.  Got to work and met up with Jill.

They had a nice festive Holiday spread for the kids, candy canes, hot chocolate, decorations, Christmas music.  Because we got there ridiculously early, we got some pretty sweet seats.

Now... waiting for the parade was something else.  After the long day so far the boys were getting restless.  But once the parade started, they got into it... for awhile anyways.

It was long.

I'm quite grateful that we had a nice warm place to sit and watch, because I am pretty damn confident that if we had been standing out in the crowd we wouldn't have made it to the end.

So yes, we saw Santa... twice in one day. Hurrah and jingle bells and all that good stuff.  We didn't stick around after that...

Jill and I then had plans to hit the Behind Closed Doors shopping event at St.Vital (after we dropped the boys off with Brad) I had never been although I had been to midnight madness shopping nights when I was younger.

It was bedlam.

Stores had their doors closed and would only allow 2 people in at a time and even then would only allow people in once other customers had left.  Line ups were insane.  I went to Bath and Body works, because they were having a good sale. Buy 3 Get 3.  Then on top of that if you spent $30, you saved $10.  Sweet.  Dropped $100, and got $65 in free stuff. Awesome.  But hey,  had to work for it!

We stood in line OUTSIDE the store for 20 minutes.  Then browsed and got our stuff only to stand in line INSIDE the store for another 20 minutes.

We did walk around for awhile and got a tea at Starbucks... but that was about the extent of it.  We were pretty beat.

On a positive note, our new road is in!  You can drive around our bay now!! Wahoo!


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