Monday, November 4, 2013

Adventures in Dress Shopping

Logan and I had a nice weekend.

Friday night was an epic Costco trip.  Logan had never been and was crazy impressed by the volumes of stuff you could buy. Actually did really well and got all the stuff I needed under $250.  Score!

Saturday we left the house at 9:30 am and didn't get home until 7pm. Really long day

First up was hockey.  Logan scored a goal and got an assist! His team won 6-0.  Whoo Hoo!  Brad's parents made a surprise visit to the game. I think they were disappointed that Brad wasn't there, but they didn't tell us that they were coming so we didn't plan for that.

Right after the hockey game we left to see the Bombers get their ass handed to them in the last game of the year.  It was pretty pitiful, they weren't even trying.  We left at half time.

After that, we headed to Pet Land.  Last weekend when we were there for a birthday party, I bought a whole bunch of things (pet food, fish stuff, and a new algae sucker fish).  However, when I got home I realised they didn't charge us for the fish.  Logan realised too, so in an attempt to teach my son good morals, we went back to Petland to offer to pay for the fish.

The cashier said that because it was their error, not to worry about it, but I felt good that we at least made the effort to set things right.

Then began dress shopping. I very quickly gave up on the notion of getting a floor length dress, because
a) All of the options were completely ghastly.
b)  There was crap in terms of selection
c) I would have had to get it altered and frankly there isn't time.

So after trying on so many dresses - seriously, it was obscene -  I finally decided on one.

I emailed my friend last week to find out what she is wearing to the dinner. At that point she hadn't decided.   So I described to her my dress.  She immediately emails me back with a link and asks if this was the dress I bought.

What are the fucking chances that we both bought the same dress??

I had SUCH a bitch of a time finding a dress that I like the thought of having to go out again makes me want to cry.  But Les doesn't live in the city, so she would have to make another trip in, which doesn't seem fair either.   Les said that she has to come back in for a Dentist appointment next week and said she'll pick up another dress then.

I did tell her that if she can't get back in, to let me know and I'll see about getting a different one. I hope she finds one that she really likes.  I feel pretty guilty about it.

Still can't get over the coincidence of that.

Brad came home Sunday night with Z. They didn't get a deer, but had a good time, which is the point of the trip anyways. Besides Brad is going back out soon and will have lots of other chances.

So that was weekend in a nutshell. Now another crazy set of 5 weekdays before my next un-relaxing weekend.


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