Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Triptophan recap

Weekend was great.

The weather at the cabin was gorgeous and sunny, which was surprising since the weather reports all said that it was going to rain all weekend.  It did rain Friday night on the way out, but all Saturday and Sunday were nice.

We found a local farmer and bought two pumpkins to carve.  It was a great afternoon activity and we even toasted the seeds.  YUM!!

Turkey Dinner at the cabin was great, but doing the dishes at the cabin leaves something to be desired, but hey... it's all part of the experience.   I probably won't be back at the cabin until Louis Riel weekend, but Brad will be heading back out soon for hunting season.  Archery has already started, but black powder isn't for a little bit.

We saw a lot of deer this year, so hopefully we will have venison for the freezer!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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